Make Your Own Memory, Experience Painting Project

Make Your Own Memory, Experience Painting Project.
Custom paintings to represent a moment in time, an emotion or theme.

We are here to guide and collaborate to help you create one of a kind memories through a unique and fun experience of your very own. Specializing in custom paintings to reflect your unique personality and style.

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 I’ve enjoyed artistic expression my whole life and have had that joy nurtured and inspired by many along the way. I’m excited to bring that joy to others; to connect, collaborate and pay forward that inspiration. I can’t wait to guide you on your own Body Prints® Experience! Let’s begin mapping out your custom painting for a memory that exceeds your expectations of what you are capable of as a painter and is a reflection of your personal style. Let me show you how fun “interactive” painting can be!

 – April KasperCreator of Body Prints®



How much does a painting cost?

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How do I choose a size?

The ½ Body is also ideal for any image with more than one torso or for arm/leg expansion imagery. The ½ Body size is also great for multiple footprint images. The Mini is great for people who have a space constraint but still want to make a Body Prints® painting and can accommodate some torso prints. We are always available to help you choose a size depending on the type of imagery you have in mind and the space you have available to hang the painting.

How do I choose what colors I want?

We recommend looking at your home for inspiration, perhaps you have a color that unifies your space already or you’re looking to add some color to your space with something new! If the painting will be connected to an emotion, think of what color you associate that emotion with or simply start with your favorite color!

How do I choose a theme for my painting?

We are great at helping you figure this out and always happy to bounce back ideas, but here are a few ways to get your mind flowing; think of something you love, your favorite thing, something you associate yourself with or that you collect, something you might get a tattoo of is usually a good way to identify a way to add your personality to your painting.

Can I add images or text that is copyrighted to my Body Prints® painting?

Due to ethical and legal reasons; we cannot add any copyrighted material to your painting. If you find an image or quote you like, we will work with you to turn it into something that is more unique and personal for your painting.

Do I have to be nude to make a painting?

Absolutely not, many paintings are created simply using hands or feet or no body parts at all if that is your creative choice. Please see our gallery for different styles using stamping and stenciling. Many effects can be achieved while wearing; slim fitting clothing, sports bras, underwear and or bathing suits make great options for modesty while maintaining a crisp image of the body’s silhouette. Nude paintings are reserved for 21 & up only and privacy while painting nude is available.

What Materials are provided for my painting session?

We provide a primed canvas, allotment of custom chosen paint colors and use of custom chosen tools for application. We provide; goggles, painters masks and towels, shampoo, conditioner and skin moisturizers.  We also store your painting to dry and stretch your completed painting on a custom made wooden frame, complete with wire & hook to hang on your wall.

What do I need to bring to my painting session?

Clothes that are safe/claimed for painting in and a hair brush if painting with hair. An open mind ready to have fun!

When do I get to take my painting home?

Your painting will need to dry, be professionally stretched on to a custom made frame and professionally photographed. We ask that you allow up to 5 weeks to complete your experience during peak painting season, but most experiences are complete within 1-2 weeks or less.

What if I don’t love my painting?

We will always encourage you to try again if you are up for it and as always, we are here to guide you with as little or as much help as you need. Up-cycle (do over) options available. The $50 deposit to reserve your Custom Body Prints® session is non-refundable for materials cost and time spent. Sessions may be rescheduled or transferred to another person’s experience if you purchase your session in advance.

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